Forest Management Task Force LogoRestoring Health and Reducing Wildfire Threat to California's Forests

California's Forest Management Task Force was organized to protect the environmental quality, public health, and economic benefits that healthy forests provide to California. The Task Force aims to increase the rate of forest treatments and expand state wood product markets through innovation, assistance, and investment. Advancing forest health project capacity, readiness, and completion statewide aligns with the California Forest Carbon Plan, the goal of which is to establish healthy and resilient forests that can withstand and adapt to wildfire, drought, and a changing climate. 

Management Goals 

  • Implement the Governor’s Executive Order B-52-18 and the recommendations of the California Forest Carbon Plan. 
  • Strategically coordinate the state’s investments in forest health.
  • Expand and improve forest management to enhance forest health and resiliency.
  • Minimize regulatory barriers for prescribed fire, forest health, and fuels reduction projects.
  • Expand the use of prescribed fire across public and private ownership.
  • Increase public education and awareness of the importance of forest health and resiliency to achieving California’s long-term climate, watershed, wildlife, economic, and public health goals. 
  • Encourage capacity building in forested communities to support implementation.
  • Incentivize innovations in the forest product and building industries to utilize material from forest health and fuel reduction projects.

What's New

June 10, 2019: Forest Management Task Force Meeting Materials

June 7, 2019: CA Fire Safe Council's Brochures on Hardened Homes & Defensible Space

June 6, 2019: Proposal Solicitation Notice for Wildlife Conservation Board's 2019 Forest Conservation Program

April 29, 2019: Form for Submitting Working Group Recommendations

April 1, 2019: March Monthly Update & Welcome from FMTF Director Montgomery





July 8: Forest Management Task Force, Sacramento, CA

Sept. 20-21: UC Merced Symposium, Climate Change & Sierra Forests

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